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Our objectives

Allied Energy Corporation is committed to the sourcing and supplying of petroleum resources to the market by exploiting existing shut in wells that are deemed to hold good potential to be productive again at 10 – 50 barrels per day.

Allied’s team believes that there is a vast untapped resource waiting to be brought back on stream using the latest technology in electric logs to identify productive formations that were missed 25 – 30 years ago.

New down hole drilling and completion techniques will allow Allied to maximize production from these old shut-in wells and in turn enhance return on investment dollars.

This allows Allied to develop wells that have known reserves and the basic infrastructure is already in place, with no new damage to the environment while supplying additional petroleum resources to the market

"With approximately 20% of American oil production and 10% of American natural gas production coming from marginal wells, they are America’s true strategic petroleum reserve.”

Barry Russell, President of the Independent Petroleum Association of American